Support Interchange between Farms & Cities

The farming village where the green bicycle runs

Love Farm Campaign, Coexistence of Farms & Cities

We perform “I Love Farm” Campaign, Win-win strategy for Farms & Cities.

“ I Love Farm” Campaign is one of Nonghyup’s typical Nanoom Management activities which has been pushed forward with ever since 2004 and is also a win-win activity for farms & cities to raise quality of lives of both by making vigorous farms together.

Current State of “I Love Farm” Campaign

Classification 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008
The Number of "I Love Farm" Members 570,000 568,000 567,000 563,000 559,000 556,000
One Company, One Village Sisterhood relationship 10,446pairs 9,627pairs 8,741pairs 8,180pairs 7,7708pairs 7,581pairs
The Number of Voluntary Activities for
Rural Communities
96 165 144 122 37 -
"One Company, One Village" Sisterhood Program Carried Out Certification of Contribution to the
Society for Excellent Companies
22 56 20 17 19 -
Matchmaking business for multicultural families. 24pairs 24pairs 23pairs 26pairs 34pairs 34pairs
Oriental Medicine Treatment  For free

”Raise Hope in Farms” Campaign

“1% Contribution of a Company can lead to 10 % Development of Farms.

‘Raise Hope in Farms‘Campaign connects specialized contribution activities of the society,
organizations, companies, etc to farming areas.

Current State of “Raise Hope in Farms” Campaign in the year of 2013

Classification Institutions Involved The Number of
The Number of
Medical Service Samsung Medical Center 2,370 21,527
Culture Service Music Friends 361 13,007
Photographing Pictures of the Deceased Korea University Guro Hospital 55 2,754
Education Camp Yonsei University 200 600
House Repair NH Development 1,385 120
Knowledge Sharing Concert Daejeon High Court judge 1 160
Painting Murals NH school inspector 330 11
Surgical support Seoul Children’s Hospital 9 8