Cooperative with the ICA

  • The International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) is an independent, non-governmental organization that unites, represents and serves
    co-operatives worldwide. As of May 2014, ICA’s membership consists of 268 cooperatives from 93 countries with over 1 billion individual members.
  • NACF’s relationship with ICA traces back to 1963, when NACF became its first Korean member. Until the mid 1970s, NACF was mostly a recipient of assistance from ICA, especially regarding human resource development. The balance began to truly shift in the 1980s, when NACF drew attention from around the world, particularly from within the Asia and Pacific region, due to some major achievements and rapid growth. NACF began to take part in the development of the global cooperative movement. As a result, the relationship between NACF and ICA grew stronger, and in 1996 NACF sent its first secondee to ICA headquarters as an agricultural advisor. This is a practice that continues today, further strengthening the ties between NACF and ICA.
  • NACF has participated in the management of ICA through its global board since Mr. Churll-Hee WON, the former chairman of NACF, was first elected to that body in 1997. Today, NACF’s current chairman, Mr. Won-Byung CHOI is a board member of both ICA’s global and Asia-Pacific regional boards; he was first elected to these positions in 2008.
  • Since 2009, Mr. Won-Byung CHOI has served as the president of the International Agricultural Co-operative Organisation (ICAO) as well. A sectoral organization of ICA established to advance the concerns and interests of farmers and agricultural cooperatives, ICAO is the only NGO representing agricultural cooperatives on the global level. Its current membership is comprised of 38 cooperative organizations from 30 countries on five continents: Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe. Through the promotion of coop-to-coop cooperation, the establishment of relationships with international organizations like FAO, WFO, and IFAD, etc., it seeks to secure the prosperity of the world’s farmers. Korea became the host country for the ICAO Secretariat in 1998 and remains such today.
  • NACF has hosted many ICA events, both global and regional. These include the 2001 General Assembly, the 2010 Asia-Pacific regional board meeting, and, most recently, the 2013 global board meeting, held in Seoul/Gyeongju.